Saturday, 23 May 2009

Motorhead at DeMontfort Hall Spring 1980

DeMontfort Hall holds very fond memories for me as the venue of my first ever rock concert. I was just 16 and having purchased the tickets a few weeks before against the wishes of my parents I was counting down the days for at least a month before.
The Band was the notorious Motorhead, with lead singer Lemmy at the helm. The Tour was "The Bomber Tour", which with frequent volumes in excess of that produced by a Lancaster Bomber, was probably the most appropriate title that they could have chosen.
My pier group were all denim and leather clad head bangers, a case of safety in numbers, and "head banging" was the norm at parties. Not for me on the night in question as 2 days before I have inadvertantly managed to lacerate the top of my head on a door frame requires 15 stitches. My folks were horrified that I still wanted to go to the concert in that state, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world and boy was it a good decisions. I recall vividly a huge skeletal bomber riding up above the stage with lemmy holding onto the side as the music reached a staggering 129 decibels, I has tinnitus for days afterwards as did all my mates..... great for the teacher the next few days at school.
My lasting memory though was after the concert we queued to get the groups autographs at which point the extremely sexy and well endowed lady in front of us lifted her top and asked the boys to sign their names on her exposed breasts for all to see. Happy days.

DeMontfort Hall, Leicester

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