Saturday, 6 June 2009

Dubai Marina From The Harbour Hotel, Dubai.

Dubai Marina From The Harbour Hotel, Dubai.

City of lights and architecture. Thats how I will remember Dubai from my first visit. In essence it was simply one huge building site with the most amazing architecture I have ever seen. The worlds larger seems to be added to the front of every name in this place, tower, indoor ski slope, airport, shopping mall, to name but a few.
My visit unfortunately conincided with a heat wave reaching 54 degree in places, something which I'm not a big fan of, air conditioning was of course the norm everywhere which helped me but probably not the environment, and yes I did feel guilty every time I adjused that temperature dial.
A week wasnt really enough time to see all I wanted and one day I'd like to return, my favourites probably the older parts of town, but then I've always prefered ancient to modern.

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